2013 was a tough year for us. The ‘whew, we made it’ kind of tough. Here’s what happened in Game Oven’s office.

Friendstrap and Fingle

We hit each other hard

We rolled into 2013 with the production of our most animate game so far, Bam fu – a game where hands clash in chaos and pushing each other away and hitting each other are a big part of the experience. Bam fu helped us iterate on our tech and engine structure, which we are proud because it runs extremely well, but unfortunately it hasn’t been a financial success. We might follow up on a financial post-mortem later in 2014 with marketing effort and numbers.

We upped the team

It was after Bam fu that Adriaan decided that he couldn’t do fulltime game design and marketing / pr at the same time, and went looking for someone to help him. It was a matter of days until Eline Muijres approached us, who writes articles for a Dutch games website and had been looking for a job in the Dutch games industry for a while. Eline and Adriaan had met before, so they met again, and the rest is history. She’s now making sure that everyone on our projects can focus on making games.

We held on and didn’t let go

During the development of Bam fu, we had a prototype that stood out and we decided to let intern Mauro Palumbo pick it up. Two months later, Bojan and I held on to Friendstrap for 24 hours. No sleeping. Going to the toilet together. Many Dutch developers came to visit us. All in all, the best (and longest) launch event we ever attended.


We plan to dance together

At the end of the summer, right after Eline joined us, Adriaan and Eline spent a month working on a monster of a document to receive funding from the Gamefonds, a Dutch game fund, for a dancing game in cooperation with the Dutch National Ballet. It’s called Bounden and we are working on it as we speak!


2014 is going to be THE year. We are betting all our chips on Bounden and feel confident that it will be our best game so far. We’ve got some amazing events lined up and cannot wait to show you everything that’s happening during the development of the game. Happy new year!