For the past few months, we’ve been working on a physical and local multiplayer game that we would like to tell you about for the first time.

Bam fu

Bam fu is a game on one device where two-, three- or four people experience their HANDS CLASH IN CHAOS. Everyone is fighting over the same pebbles and physical contact is totally part of this game.

In Bam fu, people tap the pebbles of other players to make them their own. In order to win, one must be quick and not afraid of blocking arms, pushing hands or squeezing fingers. A player wins the round when she holds the majority of the buttons and has secured her victory when she has won 5 rounds.

Bamfu-4Players4 Bamfu-Menu2pLevels

When it’s out?

Bam fu’s release is planned at the end of May 2013 as we’re currently wrapping up its development. Oh, by the way; we’re not just sticking to iPads this time: Bam fu will run on every device you can imagine! All iOS devices, almost all Android devices, Windows 8 phones… We’re extremely excited about this, as we too are diving into new adventures!

We’ve been working with Dutch artist Frederik Jansen and Macedonian artist Rumena Najchevska in the same manner we worked on Fingle. Frederik and Rumena developed a visual style for Bam fu that sets the mood of the game very well. The game couldn’t have been here without their effort, so we are super thankful for their work on the game.

We also worked closely together with Rik Nieuwdorp from Claynote to work out the music and sounds for Bam fu. He’s added some catchy tunes and made super fitting kung fu sounds for the game. We were very happy to work with him!

For the trailer, we are working together with Gilles van Leeuwen again to make it friggin’ awesome. We have a rough cut that is already blowing our minds and we’re pretty sure it will blow yours, so stay tuned.

Bamfu-Scorescreen Bamfu-2Players3

In the meantime…

… we will be releasing more news, previews and updates. We’ll soon be writing a couple of in-depth articles on Bam fu that should cover its design, tech, art and business, so that you can learn from it what it has learned us. Also, make sure to subscribe to our email list for only our biggest announcements, because that is the easiest way we can let you know when the game is out.

And… we’ve got Bam fu a website, too. Check it out.