The video says it all. We are super happy to announce Bounden, a two-player dance game on your smartphone!

Bounden is a mix of Twister and ballet. You use your phone as a guide to dance or get entangled with someone else. So, you pull out your phone, ask another person to put down a thumb, and move synchronously to dance together. Play at a bar, during a date, during work hours, or as a performance, even with other couples playing at the same time.

Performing a dance together

Bounden is no ordinary dance game. We really want players to feel like they are performing a dance together. But how do you come up with a dance? The obvious step was to ask the people who create and perform dances every day. Bounden is made in cooperation with the Dutch National Ballet. The game will feature dances by four choreographers from the Dutch National Ballet and each dance is accompanied by classical music specifically composed for the game.


We are super excited working together with all these amazing people! We’ll make more development video’s, so you know exactly what everyone involved with Bounden is doing. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates on Bounden’s development progress.