It’s been a while since our last update, but we’ve been very busy!


Jelly Reef INDIGO
First of all, we showed Jelly Reef for the first time at INDIGO 2014, organized by the Dutch Game Garden. The showcase was full of awesome Dutch games, and we got a lot of feedback on Jelly Reef. This inspired us to do some major changes with the game – more on that later in this post.

Select/Start/Play & Viborg Games Expo

Eline had a short trip to Viborg in Denmark for the Select/Start/Play conference to give a talk about the development of Bounden. She also showed the game at the Viborg Games Expo, which had a lot of super cool original and experimental games! The organization also made this super cute Game Oven logo out of cardboard. Thank you Emil, Anchel & Alexander! <3 gameoven cardboard


Cinekid Bounden

Adriaan went to the Cinekid media festival for the youth to join a roundtable and give a talk. And, a very big thing happened: Bounden won the Cinekid Best New Media Production award! As you can see, Adriaan was pretty happy.


Eline Muijres Bounden GameCity

Eline and Adriaan went to GameCity in Nottingham. It’s a really cool event where people showcase games, play weird folk games, give talks, make games, sell homemade merchandise, do video game karaoke – anything goes, really. Eline gave a talk on Bounden.

It was great seeing our developer friends at GameCity again, and we played lots of silly games as well. We also invented Narwhal Ninja. On the way back, we decided to do a little gamejam on the ferry between the UK and France with our friends Lizzy and Aran. The result is Noah’s Aaargh.

Control Conference & Dutch Game Awards

bounden dutch game awards

Last week, the three of us attended Control Conference in Utrecht, which was an event with a lot of interesting talks. At night, there was the Dutch Game Awards dinner. Bounden was nominated for Best Co-Production, Best Mobile Game and the Control Industry Award – and we won the Dutch Game Award for Best Co-Production!!

bounden dutch game awards

Jelly Reef

And of course, while all of the above was going on, we also worked hard on Jelly Reef. We made some major changes to the game, the most notable one being that we decided to make procedural levels. This means that Jelly Reef will have a pretty big world, and that’s also what the main focus of the game is: exploration. You’ll explore the ocean on different levels, while trying to survive by avoiding all the sea creatures that want to eat you – which isn’t all that easy, by the way. The past few months have been crazy busy while we were making the game ready to launch on Windows Phone as well as making a lot of changes in design!

Jelly Reef screenshot

Jelly Reef will be out on Windows Phone first in December. Expect it on iOS and Android around March 2015!