Game Oven closed down April 2015.

After three-and-a-half years of making weirdly unique social games like Fingle and Bounden, Game Oven closed doors in April 2015. Adriaan, one of Game Oven's founders, wrote an article to look at Game Oven’s closure, studio costs, game sales and other incomes, and the role of community to their business. Read more about Game Oven's closure here.


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Our games are still supported by Game Oven's founders @AdriaandeJongh and @furiouspixels.


Articles on Jelly Reef


Jelly Reef – out now

written by Adriaan on April 29th, 2015 - #Jelly Reef

You play as the ocean in our latest and last title Jelly Reef. Touch the sea with your fingers and guide jellyfish through a rogue-like underwater world.

You may have already noticed that Jelly Reef and all other Game Oven games are now published by “Adriaan de Jongh”. With the release of Jelly Reef, the team behind Game Oven moves into new waters (hèhè). Since the announcement that Game Oven would shut down, Eline is now working fulltime at Monogon, Bojan found a job which he will hopefully be able to announce soon, and Adriaan… well, he’s definitely working on something! You should totally follow all of us on Twitter because… adventures! @AdriaandeJongh, @BojanEndrovski, and @ElineMuijres.

As a reminder, Game Oven’s games will remain online for as long as possible. We are eternally grateful to anyone buying our games, so keeping our games compatible is really the least we can do. And we hope you’ll follow us with our new adventures, too!

But for now, enjoy Jelly Reef, and Thank you, for everything!!


Awards and hard work

written by Eline on December 2nd, 2014 - #Game Oven #Jelly Reef

It’s been a while since our last update, but we’ve been very busy!


Jelly Reef INDIGO
First of all, we showed Jelly Reef for the first time at INDIGO 2014, organized by the Dutch Game Garden. The showcase was full of awesome Dutch games, and we got a lot of feedback on Jelly Reef. This inspired us to do some major changes with the game – more on that later in this post.

Select/Start/Play & Viborg Games Expo

Eline had a short trip to Viborg in Denmark for the Select/Start/Play conference to give a talk about the development of Bounden. She also showed the game at the Viborg Games Expo, which had a lot of super cool original and experimental games! The organization also made this super cute Game Oven logo out of cardboard. Thank you Emil, Anchel & Alexander! <3

gameoven cardboard

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Announcing Jelly Reef

written by Eline on September 11th, 2014 - #Jelly Reef

Jelly Reef

Today, we can finally announce the game we’ve been working on past few months: Jelly Reef!
In the Jelly Reef, you guide a bunch of jellyfish through a colorful ocean. You control the flow of the ocean by swiping your fingers.

You start near the surface, trying to get as many jellyfish as possible down to the bottom of the ocean to reproduce. Along the way, you come across lots of sea creatures in need of your help.

At the moment, we’re prototyping lots of cool scenarios, figuring out what’s fun to put into the game, and of course, making loads of art. Our artist Rumena made the beautiful concept art you can see above!

Jelly Reef will release on Windows Phone end of 2014. iOS and Android will follow later in 2015.


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