You play as the ocean in our latest and last title Jelly Reef. Touch the sea with your fingers and guide jellyfish through a rogue-like underwater world.

You may have already noticed that Jelly Reef and all other Game Oven games are now published by “Adriaan de Jongh”. With the release of Jelly Reef, the team behind Game Oven moves into new waters (hèhè). Since the announcement that Game Oven would shut down, Eline is now working fulltime at Monogon, Bojan found a job which he will hopefully be able to announce soon, and Adriaan… well, he’s definitely working on something! You should totally follow all of us on Twitter because… adventures! @AdriaandeJongh, @BojanEndrovski, and @ElineMuijres.

As a reminder, Game Oven’s games will remain online for as long as possible. We are eternally grateful to anyone buying our games, so keeping our games compatible is really the least we can do. And we hope you’ll follow us with our new adventures, too!

But for now, enjoy Jelly Reef, and Thank you, for everything!!