Game Oven participated in the Games 4 Health DEVCAMP. During this game jam, we made a prototype called Kitchen Team.

Kitchen Team

Games 4 Health Jam

The Games 4 Health DEVCAMP is organized by Games 4 Health Europe and PinkRoccade. It’s a 48 hour game jam aimed at making games for teenagers with mental disabilities. This year, the challenge was to make a game that helps those teenagers with their daily household activities.

We decided to concentrate on collaboration between players. We believe working together is not only more effective, but also more fun to do. Learning how to boil an egg won’t magically become fun when you do it in a game. The main focus of Kitchen Team is not teaching the players how to do these things, but rather how to work together and communicate with each other.

Kitchen Team

We made a slick looking prototype where players need to collaborate with each other to perform daily activities, like boiling an egg. As the picture above shows, each iPad can perform one action, such as opening a drawer, moving the pan under the tap or turning on the stove. Players will need to express what they need from others to advance in the game: for example, Tim will need to tell Rick to turn on the bottom left cooktop so he can place the pan there. By focusing on the communication between players, the activity can easily be swapped for something different, like doing the laundry. Currently, we’re looking for ways to continue the development of Kitchen Team.