As Bounden was part of the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX East this year, thousands of people played the game. With Bounden being such a unique game with unfamiliar mechanics, it meant to be a huge reality check for us, aside from our biggest playtest so far. Our fears were that maybe ballet would be too far out of people’s comfort zones, and that maybe the metaphor of the ball wouldn’t work for everyone. We had been playing the game with close friends and nearby developers, but did not have such a diverse audience play the game on this scale yet.

Well… PAX East blew our minds. There wasn’t a single person that didn’t have a big smile on his or her face at some point while playing Bounden. We were surprised how intuitive the mechanics worked for most people, how quickly they got it, and how much fun it was to figure out how to do the crazy movements – exactly what we had always hoped. But we did recognise that the tutorial needs some tweaks and additions to make sure everyone (even our moms and dads) will understand how to play the game. We plan to finetune some of the earlier dances, and have a better notion of what the overall difficulty of the game is which will have its effect on the dances that are still left to be made.

One thing about PAX East that caught us by surprise was the presence of people from the big platforms and journalists. Both Apple and Google came to see Bounden and liked it a lot, just like a bunch of journalists for big websites, podcasts, videos and other channels. Also, Bounden was called out to be one of the ten best games of PAX East by, which by the way run an amazing podcast none of you should ignore: these guys are teh shitznit. Would we go to PAX East next year? F*ck yes.

Indie MEGABOOTH folks; thank you. It was immensely productive and fun, and all of you helped us in many ways during and after the event, which means a lot to us.

So with PAX East behind us, we are now back to work on the game so that it releases on iOS and Android on Wednesday May 21st, which means we have to submit our game to Apple on May 7th latest. That is 3 weeks from now. GO.