Finally, the clock indicates 5 PM. Bojan and I drop the phone under an applause from friends and colleagues, because we did it: we played Friendstrap for 24 hours straight.


Our amazing guests

We had a lot of fun (when we were not feeling extremely, extremely tired). Going to the toilet together was interesting. We playtested a game during the night. Many Dutch developers came over, some even brought gifts! We talked to Abbey Games, Ostrich Banditos, Blendo Games, Claynote, Speelbaars, Vlambeer, The Dutch Game Garden, Digital Dreams, Codeglue, Sparpweed, Ragesquid and Sander van der Vegte. Joost van Dongen played his Cello. JW Nijman and Kitty Calis brought slagroomsoesjes with candles to celebrate Game Oven’s second birthday, and Richard Boeser and Peter de Jong brought presents too. Sjors Houkes brought insane amounts of energy drinks. We forgot who gave the mandarines, but thanks! And finally, we skyped with a bunch of really cool people.

Although we did play the game for 24 hours straight, we did fail about a dozen times, and ‘only’ managed to achieve a record of 7 hours and 9 minutes. This was mainly due to the difficulty of holding on to something for such a long period of time: sleep deprivation and focus don’t go along well, and getting used to the occasional vibration was also a problem. For instance, our second longest play session of 6 hours and 47 minutes was ended because I almost fell asleep and totally failed to feel the vibration which screamed ‘release now!’.


Friendstrapped together

Did it bring us closer together? It’s difficult to say: we’re used to playing weird games like these. It was relaxing in a way, to be bored together. We concluded that I tend to be a bit bossy sometimes, which is a good thing to hear, and I will try to do something about that. We also concluded that washing each other hands is way too intimate for us. Our boundaries are clear to us now.

One thing that the livestream didn’t really make clear is that Eline was also awake during the entire 24 hours and didn’t complain AT ALL. Bojan and I feel that she was way cooler than we were. Give her some love, ya’ll!


After the livestream we slept, for like 14 hours.

Looking back at the livestream, we feel that we could have done a couple of things better. We had never done such a long livestream before and Gilles van Leeuwen helped us set it up only half an hour before start, which wasn’t really enough: it turned out the computer couldn’t handle the stream, so we had to switch to another computer. Viewers also asked for the conversation topics multiple times, and it could have been much more fun to watch if every conversation topic would also be clearly visible in the livestream. We consider the livestream a huge success nonetheless!


You can view more pictures in this Facebook album.