This month we’ve seen quite some changes at Game Oven, so it’s time to tell you more about the people behind the studio and our games! As you may know, Game Oven was founded by game designer Adriaan de Jongh and game developer Bojan Endrovski. As of September 2013, our core team has a new addition: Eline Muijres (pronounce: Eileen Mewres). She’ll be doing production and marketing work, making life easier for everyone!

Game Oven

Adriaan de Jongh

Adriaan is game designer and co-founder of Game Oven. He is responsible for all creative and conceptual input. Before founding Game Oven, Adriaan studied Game Design & Development at the Utrecht School of the Arts as one of the youngest students ever. After teaching himself to program, he and fellow students won a Dutch Game Award with Vogels!, a rehabilitation game for people with a hemiplegia, before teaming up with Bojan to make the super relaxing game The Jelly Reef for Microsoft Surface tables. And what started as his graduation project, ultimately became the successful debut game Fingle. Adriaan now specialises in translating concepts into working prototypes: he has many ideas he can develop to something playable very quickly.
Adriaan spends his free time with a professional sailing team, kite surfing and acting like a DJ.

Bojan Endrovski

Bojan is co-founder of Game Oven and is responsible for all the technical stuff. Of all things, his main expertise lies in low-level engineering, rendering, physics and other math-heavy stuff. He used to work on military and training simulators like VSTEP’s Nautis and has helped to ship multi-platform games like ZootFly’s Prison Break. Over the past three years, Bojan created his own game engine, on which all Game Oven games run smoothly. Recently, he graduated cum laude at the Game & Media Technology master program at Utrecht University, on rendering realistic real-time clouds.
Bojan is 33% fish, as he spends most of his free time in water. He also embraces Dutch culture by biking everywhere.

Eline Muijres

Eline joined Game Oven this month and will be doing production, PR, marketing and other related stuff at Game Oven, making sure that everyone else can focus on making awesome games. Eline has long studied the medium of games, as a journalist, as an academic and most importantly, as a personal enthusiast. She has written about games for various game magazines and websites. Eline graduated at the New Media & Digital Culture master program at Utrecht University and has worked at the Utrecht School of the Arts as a researcher, doing research on applied game design and the European game industry. This broad range of experience with games gives her the skills she needs to communicate any game’s premise to any audience.
Besides playing games, Eline likes watching movies and traveling. She has a soft spot for bunnies.


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