In our Fingle development post-mortem a while ago, we discussed our troubles finding the right visual style for Fingle. We just found a couple long-lost images and pictures of concepts for the visual style – but by far not all of them – and decided to show you some of them!

May 2011:


A picture of the very first prototype, whoa! The player picked up circles with ugly green or blue colors and dragged them to squares with the same color. We didn’t have the fancy timer back then, but simply FOUR OF THEM on every side of the screen. What were we thinking…

July 2011:

IMG_1014 IMG_1016 The two images above were one of the earliest visual concepts a friend of ours came up with. We actually had this in the game for a while, before deciding that the visual style added absolutely nothing to the feel of the game. It was empty, characterless and did not fit with the dirty, nasty, sweaty feeling of the game. And so, our hunt for the visual style continued.

August 2011:

IMG_1219 IMG_1220 IMG_1221

These pictures were taken right before finding the actual style of the game. We were experimenting a lot with colors and patterns. These backgrounds were made by Adriaan and not an artist – such artistical skills! (??) An interesting note is that the first of these three images is the game already running in Bojan’s engine, as we had just made the transition away from Adriaan’s prototype.

Somewhere between August – November 2011:


Fingle’s first background. A creation of designer Adriaan, where he simply googled for ‘70s wallpapers, copied the colors and patterns and made a remix out of it. It took us months before connecting ’70s porn to our game and I clearly remember the moment it came to our minds. We were at a friends house brainstorming for the visual style – because we had spend enough time being stuck on the subject – and Bojan and I already had discussed the idea of a sweaty ’70s porn trailer. Bojan then said, as if it was all logical, “Why not just make it look like the ’70s porn trailer?”

November 2011 – December 2011:

Pack2_BG1 Pack2_BG3 Pack4_BG2 5FingleMenuHolidayPacks 2FingleTutorial

Tim Hengeveld’s turn: he makes at least 20 more backgrounds, defines the rest of the visual style of the game and executes it perfectly. This wraps up the process of Fingle’s visual style. Give Fingle and us some love by getting the game on the App Store if you didn’t have it already!