Beginning March, Eline and Adriaan traveled to Chicago to hang out with Cards Against Humanity‘s Max, ThreesGreg, Octodad‘s Phil and his colleagues, and Matt’s awesome friend Nick, before hopping onto the TrainJam. Which was quite the ride. Together with Michael, we made 14seconds, where QWOP meets Gravity.  See Gamasutra‘s Kris scream at his phone like a dying man to make the sounds effects for it.

52 hours later we arrived in San Francisco, and while Adriaan was still weak from food poisoning on the train, there wasn’t much time to recover: GDC had started. That week, we met with cool people that work for Polygon, Destructoid, 148Apps, Joystiq, and Killscreen, to show them what Bounden was all about. We talked with people from Apple and Google about its future release. We partied hard every night. Saw the DoubleFine office & their prototypes. We participated in the MIX, the BIG Indie Pitch (and won!), and the Experimental Gameplay Workshop.

And so, inspired by the Indie Soapbox, the GDC micro talks, and unconference (which was, to their taste, too much like a conference already), they left the amazing weather in San Francisco to fly to Boston, to meet up with all the amazing folks from the Boston Indie Collective to reflect on GDC, relax, eat, and sleep. And meet the Harmonix folks.

Meanwhile, back in the Netherlands, Gilles finished the Bounden Making Of Part Three, and Bojan cleared most of his todo list for the next iteration of Bounden.

Having just gotten back to the Netherlands, we now have 1 week before traveling back to Boston for PAX East to show Bounden at the Indie MEGABOOTH. In this one week, we’re making three more dances, a tutorial, and another iteration on the entire interface.

Holy cow.