When we announced Bounden in December, friends and fans noted that we were crazy to announce a project so soon before its release date, that we should be more worried of copycats and clones of our announced but unreleased game. But with all the interesting stuff happening during the development of Bounden, we do not want this fear to stop us from sharing. We are excited, and we want to share that excitement with everyone.

We are not afraid of clones or copycats. The concept of Bounden is very unique, and while someone else might want to copy it, we are confident that we have all the ingredients to make it better. We gathered an amazing group of people and already started production. We’ve spent half a year working on a dozen prototypes to figure out most of the design. Many interns and Tim and Rumena have made a buttload of concept art and developed a very fitting visual style for the game. And of course, Bounden is made in cooperation with the Dutch National Ballet. We have a vision for the game, and every specific element is going to scream that vision: that is not something you can simply copy.

Talking about our game

Not only do we have faith in ourselves and the game, but also does talking about the game force us to learn to communicate it well. Putting our vision and the game’s unique selling points to words even helps us understand the game better, which in turn helps us prioritise our tasks and process. We get to run a few tryouts to see what messages work for journalists and which don’t, and as we’ve already started contacting press about the game, there’s a much bigger chance that we’ll receive at least a little coverage here and there. And beside all these positive things, we’ve also had several discussions with fellow developers about specific design choices we’ve made and there have even been some amazing suggestions that might make it into the game.

So how will Bounden’s development be transparent? Filmmaker Gilles (who made all our previous game trailers) will visit our studio every month to ask us what we’re working on. And while this should already give you a lot of insight into what is happening, we’ve also got a couple of articles lined up to explain the process of making Bounden more in-depth. We hoping to share enough behind-the-scenes information so that other developers (like yourself, maybe?) can learn from our mistakes and takeaways.